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2019 Environmental Science and Climate Change Conference

2019 Environmental Science and Climate Change Conference

Price: 499 $
Contact : Larisa Taylor
Phone: 7995926709
City: Kolkata
Country: Latvia
This ad has been posted on : 15/06/2019

Description: Episirus Scientifica holds 2019 Environmental Science and Climate Change Conference (2019ESCC) around the theme ” Sustainable Development : A Major Challenge Across the Globe ” : Organising a unique forum in Singapore during the month of September 10th-11th, 2019.

Target Audience:
Professors, Professionals from students, and researchers from the discipline : Earth Science, Environment, Climate Change and subdiscipline Geophysics, Geology, Atmospheric Science, Hydrology/ Water Resources, Oceanology, Meteorology, Climatology, Natural Hazards, Ecology, Sustainable Development, Agriculture, Biodiversity, Coastal Science, Environment and Climate Laws/ Policies, Water Management, Renewable and Energy Technology, Fish-Wildlife and Forestry, Pollution, Nature Conservation areas and many more, will be joining us at the conference to provide innovative ideas and ongoing research in their respective fields in 2019 Environmental Science and Climate Change Conference.
Sessions For 2019 Environmental Science and Climate Change (2019ESCC):

? Corporate Sustainability
? Environmental Science and Technology
? Environmental Dynamics
? Meteorology
? Climate Change Effecting Hydrology
? Geophysics
? Atmospheric physics
? Physical Oceanography
? Global environmental change and ecosystems management
? Climatic changes and Climatology
? Global warming causes and effects
? Ozone layer depletion
? Carbon capture and storage
? Computational science
? Future Energy Systems
? Renewable Energy
? Sustainable Development and Green Technology
? Waste Management

With a view to promoting the research advancement, Episirus Scientifica is committed to bringing together leading experts of medical professionals, researchers, engineers, and scientists at a single platform. We aspire to keep the world abreast of changing dynamics of the scientific arena through our international conferences, events, and exhibitions. Our motive is to create a nexus of distinguished scholars, young researchers and industry experts to collaborate and harness the benefit of the scholars networking through our strong chain of academicians and market experts, we always strive to bring changes to our scientific events.
This coming year Episirus Scientifica welcomes all the medical professionals to attend 2019 Scientific Conferences held in India and Singapore. It will be a wonderful opportunity for all the participants as it provides an international networking opportunity to collaborate with the world-class medical associations.

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