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Complete Sell of Home Aviary Both Babies & Breeding Pairs

Parrots : (African Greys, Amazons, Caiques, Macaws, Cockatoos, Eclectus, Sun Conures, Quakers etc.) About 30 to 50 % lower then that of a pets shop We do ship. For more pictures and information go to our below web-page.

Peafowl, peacocks and peahens for sale

Pairs of Indian Blue peafowl (male and female) for sale. Also available pied, blackshoulder, white and other colours All birds are 2019 bred, strong and healthy birds. Prices start from £80 a pair (cock and hen),  with single Cocks £25 each and hens £65 each Nationwide delivery possible, message me for more details.

Polish Bantam Chicks free to good homes

We hatched these chicks by incubating eggs purchased from EBay. They are beautiful 4 week old chicks now. We have 11 chicks and would ideally like to give away at least 8 to good homes. They are handled by my kids every day so pretty domesticated. Free to good homes. We are based in North West London close to Willesden Green tube station. 

Silly Tame African Grey Parrots for sale

African grey parrots for sale due to work commitments. They are 1 and 2 years old. Both talk and whistle. One is very tame will step up and sit on your shoulder. Both like their head tickled. Must go together. Come with large cage, toys. Please whatsapp or call ...+447451208625  For information.

Love birds pair

Love birds for sale come with cage toys ect.. they are 6 years old. 80 pound no offers.. good home only I am in Wrexham. 

Amazon Parrots for Sale and They Are Amazing

If you do make a decision on an Amazon parrot be very careful as to where you buy your Amazon from. They are an endangered species and they must be secured by people, like you and I. HeavenParotsAviary is the best online parrot’s store, here amazon parrots for sale. For more info visit

Get Extensive Variety of Amazon Parrots for Sale

One of the most famous parrot breeds to own and educate as pets is the Amazon Parrot. At HeavenParotsAviary, We have broad variety of Amazon parrots for sale. To find out more check out

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