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Demoiselle cranes for sale

I am having to sell my breeding pair of demoiselle cranes due to moving and not having the room for them at the new property, they are 3 years old and the female laid last year but having no male was unable to rear chicks. She now has a new male who’s proven and they have paired up nicely. They are displaying and getting ready to lay so I would much prefer them went as soon as so they can re

pair of african greys

Does anyone have a pair of african greys over 8 years old thats guarented theyve had eggs (1 male and 1 female) that can deliver to ellesmere port area Thankyou

Looking to home a special bird

Hi , I'm looking to offer a home to birds with special requirements . I have many years experience with birds that require more care then most and have also helped birds who pluck . If you think I can help you please email me . I'm offering a forever home . Thanks.

Mental Health 18 years old need Parrot to be therapy! WANTED

Hello, my name is Sam... I do have currently mental health issues as I do have hearing aid on my right ear and completely deafness on left ear.. I need to find the right and cheap price to buy a parrot to be loving and take care very well as to be lovable and easy tamed! Unfortunately.. I cannot afford any expensive parrot... So, please do contact me Via Text Message.. No time wasters, please!&nbs

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