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22ft Jaguar Fin Keel for sale

Approx 1986 Jaguar Fin Keel yacht in very good condition. Furling Genoa, 5hp Yamaha Outboard Engine (only about 2 years old), Custom made spray dodgers, sail bag/covers, lazy jacks, all controls remote to cockpit for single handed sailing. very strong boat, stable, easy to sail single handed and very, very quick through the water. You would expect this sort of performance from a much bigger boat.

£1200 United Kingdom» Cheshire» Chester
Buy Private Boat Excursion in Dubrovnik at Negotiable Price

If you want to buy your own private boat excursion in Dubrovnik, then visit our company’s shop and buy the best boat at a very nominal price. Here you can get a variety of choice for the boat section.

£1 United Kingdom» United Kingdom» dubrovnik

Norwinch marine crane parts are available worldwide from ADAMS Hydraulics. Norwinch crane parts are shipped worldwide for both new Norwinch crane models and older Norwinch crane types. Norwinch MH 110 motors available reconditioned or brand new tested. Trust ADAMS Hydraulics for all your Norwinch parts. Adams Hydraulics is a company, which is active in the field of supply, as well as the Repai

£1000 Greece» PIRAEUS» PIRAEUS

IHI SHIP CRANES, DECK CRANES & IHI MARINE CRANES SPARE PARTS- ADAMS HYDRAULICS provides exactly the same parts as provided by the crane manufacturer. IHI electrical, mechanical and hydraulic crane parts – hydraulic pumps and motors are available. In our workshop also we repair gearboxes, winches and cylinders. Hoisting pumps, slewing pumps, luffing pumps hoisting mot

£1000 Greece» PIRAEUS» PIRAEUS
AnR Boat Transportation

AnR Boat Transportation Welcome to my auction got a boat that needs to be taken some where or to be picked up then look no further give us a shout and we will gladly help ive over 15 yrs on motor cruisers and canal boats from scotland to isle of wright we are a bit different to other firms we take them buy water and not transported does work out cheaper but could take abit longer but i do have a

£100 United Kingdom» Lancs» Preston
stuffed teddy bears

(Beijing) plush toy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the gift of the Christmas gift"). With the import and export rights of foreign trade-oriented manufacturers specialized investment to Beijing for the window, professional development of domestic plush toy market, is focused on the high-end plush toy design, development, customization, marketing, taking into account plush toy logistics and

Bahamas» ningbo»
plush toy manufacturers

Bag, then add two tablespoons of salt in the bag, tie the pocket. Forced shaking for about half a minute, remove the doll, gently patted the salt on the hair particles, found the doll really clean. In addition to a small pilling gray small pompon, this gray cat once again back to white cat. Experts explain "This is actually a simple phenomenon of static electricity." Chongqing Science and Technolo

£4 China» ningbo» ningbo
tennis ball machine

matter. Played with them, you will soon feel wisely for each round opponent has control, not user-friendly and easily give up, they will put pressure on every shot. By constantly thinking and competition, employment in contact honed ability to predict, we can gradually feel they can "slow down the pace of the game" in order to remain opportunities rather than desperately to keep up with the compet

£4 American Samoa» ningbo» zhejiang
tennis ball cricket

there is little sense of rhythm and choose, how to accurately predict it? For them there is no need to perform a long program for pre-judgment, but to observe and control the game to the opponent but it is never exactly the same form consistent. Those shots are not thinking and subsequent combination of means-based opponents, their mood is the last indication. They are some of the key points and t

£4 Bahamas» ningbo» zhejiang
tennis ball manufacturing machine

flexibility and speed of the five areas, tennis ball special physical tests mainly focus on these five aspects. The same muscle training, the effect may be very different, at the same time to give more muscle to stimulate the better. Therefore, muscle training, there must be a conscious manner. Body axis and hamstring muscles after sport is tennis ball two of the more important parts. If the body

£4 Bahrain» ningbo» ningbo