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We help to motivate & empower the business owners to increase the

Junglepreneur providing high-quality knowledge, pragmatic content, valuable life experiences and inspirational merchandise, we enable, serve and support people and organizations in tough terrains to transcend challenges, achieve all-round excellence and joyfully attain higher heights of prosperity.

Partnership Incorporation - Limited Company SPV Mortgages

Limited Company SPV Mortgages can help you find and secure the best-limited company mortgage options to push your property investment dreams forward.

Light Duty Pallet Trucks in Uganda

Product range starts from Analytical Scale to Weighbridges and other Weighing Systems that are being used in all types of Industries. Analytical / Laboratory / Table Top / Light Duty Platform / Heavy Duty Platform / Road Weighbridge / Rail Weighbridge / Weigh Module for various Tank / Vessel / Hopper Weighing Systems / Through Put or Tipping System / Bagging Off System (Immovable or Moveable), Bat

3500000UGX. Uganda» Central Region» Kampala

Electronic Crane Scales in East Africa

Part of a large corporate family, we market and service our products in over 6 countries across the eastern Africa. Products • Bench Scales • Checkweighers • Counting Scales • Forklift Truck Scales • Load Cells / Weigh Bar • Mobile Dimensioning • Platform / Floor Scales • Post, Mail & Shipping Scales • Rail Scales • Software Solutions • Truck Scales

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