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Description: this is the safest practice. The other we are more commonly used clever cleaning plush toy method, the following one by one announced! Wash the plush plush toy Wonder one: Material required: a bag of coarse salt (large grain of salt) and a plastic bag. Put the dirty plush toy into the plastic bag, put the right amount of coarse salt, and then the mouth to live, hard shaking. After a bit, plush the toy is clean, we are looking at the salt has become dark. Note: not wash is suck Oh! Can also be used for different length of the plush toy; hair collar and cuffs; can also be used for car cushion (the salt on the mat can be forced to rub). Principle is the use of salt that sodium chloride on the adsorption of dirt, because the salt has a strong disinfection effect, not only clean the plush toy, but also effectively kill bacteria and viruses can give an analogy, plush collar, car Plush cushions and the like can also use this method to "clean". Salt can only clean the plush toy surface of the dust, but the sweat stains, oil effect is not, and attached to the plush toy surface salt is not clean, non-professionals do not recommend this method. Wash the plush plush toy coup two: the required materials: water, silk hair detergent, soft brush (or other tools can also be replaced). Put the water and silk hair detergent in the pot, stir the water in the pot wit into the washing machine in the gentle dehydration, dehydrated plush toy after shaping and combing after the ventilation in the dry. Note: drying in the ventilation to dry, it is best not to sun exposure, can not not sun can not be sterilized, exposure easily discolored, so if the plush toy is light can be sun, pay attention to not across the glass sun, so no effect. Clean the plush plush toy trick three: the required materials: buy a pack of soda powder, Bothwin, Plush Toy Manufacturers, Stuffed Animals Manufacturers, Stuffed Toys Suppliers, Custom Plush Toys Company

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