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WANTED rehome Female young marmoset  also known as waggytails rescues or will rehome here sugar gliders and marmosets we are currently looking for any baby marmosets to be rehomed , here they are given the correct diet, the love care of an experienced exotic and domestica animal handler . WE WOULD also keep in touch so you can see your baby developing correctly  

Tanuki Free To Good Home

5 months old tamed female tanuki free to good home need experienced keeper & person with plenty of time & ideally with garden or land very unusual & very beautiful & very rewarding pet needs to go for a change of circumstance

Marmoset monkey

Marmoset monkey for sale comes with cage 

£1000 United Kingdom» » Burnley

Common marmoset breeding pair

Breeding pair of common marmosets. Bred once before and both are around 2 and a half years old. Both used to being around people and take food from hands. Very tame and kept on the correct diet and lighting etc. Great starter monkey with the chance of having more babies soon.

Marmaset baby

4 month old female. Lovely little girl. Comes with cage and accessories

£1000 United Kingdom» » Durham

Male and female sugar glidder

ale and Female bonded Sugar Gliders. Comes with travel cage and calcium. Depending on location cost may vary. If Interested or text/call 07016602798.

Racoon dogs

  Two female Racoon dogs 2 years old and younger stock for sale £100 each?  

Serval female

Young female serval calm natured, parent reared, dwal holders only

£1000 United Kingdom» » Skegness

A very rare opportunity to own a baby girl prairie dog

Captive born and bred, her parents can be seen and other siblings who we are keeping, just this baby girl for sale, very very cute, £650. Ready next week when she will be 8 weeks old. Prairie dogs only breed once a year If they want to so a very sought after pet. 

Young Female Marmoset for sale

I have a young female Marmoset for sale, she is eight weeks old and has been handreared from day 1 after being rejected by her troop. The troop i no longer have so am unable to introduce her back to them and she is totally humanised now so it would proberly cause her too much distress, she is weaned but still has a few milk feeds as she takes them still and it does her no harm. Sorry we can n

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