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Outdoor Porcelain Tile | Royale Stones

High quality vitrified Outdoor porcelain paving tiles are frost resistant and comes with high anti-slip rating.

Unbeatable Blinds

Top Quality Made to Measure Blinds including Roller Blinds, Vertical Blinds, Venetian Blinds, Wooden Blinds and Faux Wood Blinds. Venetian Blinds, Rigid PVC Blinds and Roman Blinds, all with amazing savings Order any of these blinds online today. Buying Cheap Made to Measure Blinds online is so easy! Buying blinds online is so easy. See our new online measuring and fitting guides. High definiti

Get Quality Industrial Silicone Sealants from Sealants and Tools

Whether you need Industrial Silicone Sealants or adhesives for construction or automotive industry, Sealants and Tools offer you the best quality. Their wide range of best contact adhesive matches all standard of specifications and ensures their customers are supplied with only the finest quality. If your windows need to be sealed or there are cracks on the door – Sealants and Tools takes ca

Ecotite provides foam insulation that lasts a lifetime

With the increase in pollution, the quality of air is deteriorating. Hence, it is best to opt for foam insulation from Ecotite that not just improves air quality but reduces noise pollution as well.   Contact detail: Tele: 0800 3689700 Email: enquiries@ecotite.co.uk Website: http://www.ecotite.co.uk/

Ecotite offers spray foam insulation to reduce energy bills

If you want to maintain the balance of your home, then spray foam insulation is the best means. Ecotite provides clients with eco-friendly solutions to reduce the cost of their electricity bills of their homes.   Contact detail: Tele: 0800 3689700 Email: enquiries@ecotite.co.uk Website: http://www.ecotite.co.uk/

Hardwood Flooring | Woodpecker Flooring

Discover naturally inspired wood flooring for your home. Browse our extensive range of solid, engineered, bamboo, laminate collections and supporting flooring supplies and accessories. Free samples.

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Unlimited Polished Concrete Floor Finishes

There is an almost unlimited choice of polished concrete floor finishes. At Advance Group we can produce a concrete floor that is in any colour that you wish, and it can have all sorts of different patterns and designs etched into it. Furthermore, concrete can be polished to a range of different finishes from semi-gloss up to a brilliant mirror like finish equivalent to the finest marble or granit

The Cost Of Polished Concrete Floors

At Advance Group we usually get asked about polished concrete floor cost. There is no easy answer to the question because it depends upon whether it is going to be a newly laid floor or whether it is an existing one. An existing one may have holes and cracks that need repair, and you may, for instance, have partition walls making a large area into several smaller rooms which will take longer to po

Polished Concrete: The 21st Century Flooring

Polished concrete is the 21st century flooring that, once laid, needs minimal maintenance. It is ideal for use in warehouses where fork lift trucks are in use, because the tyres will not mark the floor and as a result they last longer since there is very little wear. At Advance Group we can apply stains and dyes to the flooring before polishing, so your floor can be of any colour you wish. Contac

Polished Concrete Floors Need Virtually No Maintenance

Polished concrete floors have many benefits, not the least of which is that once finished they will last for years with virtually no maintenance. At Advance Group we have been polishing concrete for over 30 years and we have developed techniques that will produce a stunning floor with a shine equivalent to marble or granite flooring, but which is nowhere near as slippery. All it then needs is a wi

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