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Dumbells - selection of neoprene - 10kg to 6kg NEW

A selection of dumbbell sets, new and unused.  Pairs come in different weights such as 10kg pair, 8kg pair, 6 kg pair.  Coloured neoprene.  £15 per pair.

£15 per pair United Kingdom» Devon» Torquay

Costway Anti Gravity Yoga Hammock Flying Swing Inversion

This aerial yoga belt allows you to enjoy floating in mid-air. Use our yoga belt can promote blood circulation, soothe your spine. It can relax and rest your body and mind completely. You can see the world upside down while using it for fun and excitement. When you swing from side to side, you can relieve back pain and drive away upset mood. Also, the sturdy construction and high quality fabric p

Q Sports Gym Power Tower For Pull- Ups

Q Sports Gym Power Tower For Pull-Ups, Chin-Ups, Dips, Leg Raises – Multifunctional Workout Station – Sweatproof Padded Arms, Back Support, Ergonomic Wide Grip Bar – Sturdy Steel Frame & Rubber Feet.07966426005

£84.99 United Kingdom» » cheadle

Buy Advanced Air Focus Pad for Speed work & Power Combination

"A unique air-pocket center with rounded design translates to super-cushioned shock-absorbency and ease of speed combos"

Premium quality weight lifting equipment in UK only

Gymwarehouse is the top supplier of weight lifting equipment UK. Here we can provide you a comprehensive stock of cardio, strength, and boxing equipment. We understand how much fitness matters to you and our entire range of fitness equipment has been developed keeping that in mind. All our weight lifting equipment comes durable and can be reworked if dropped or damaged. This has made them popular

Free Standing Punch Bag

Q Sports Ultimate 6ft Free Standing Boxing Punch Bag – Heavy Duty Sparring & Mixed Martial Arts Leather Punching Bag With Base, Easy Assembly & Installation, Perfect For Men, Women & Children.

Gym Products in UK -Buy High Quality Fitness & Exercise Equip

"Q Sports is one of the leading supplier and retailer in the UK. We strive to offer high quality, technologically sound and affordable products in the lines of Fitness, Boxing, Punch Bags, battle Rope and Dumbbell weight plates and many more." +07966426005 

Saunders Lower Back Lumbar Traction Device/Machine- Brand New!!

Saunders Lower Back Lumbar Traction Device/Machine- Brand New!! The Saunders Lumbar Traction Device is designed and proven to provide safe and effective traction (stretching) to the lumbar region (low back) to relieve chronic back pain. The device requires minimal assembly and is ready to use out of the case. Brand new, unused but wheels missing, which does not affect the use of the device - the

Industrial Scaffold Red, Yellow, Green & Black Swirl Ear Barbell

Industrial Scaffold Barbell Ear Bar with Red, Yellow, Green & Black Swirl. Material: Stainless Steel. Measurements: Gauge 1.2mm, length 40mm, Ball size 4/4 mm. *16G - Slightly thinner Bar

Gym equipment leasing – The best way to get started!

Are you planning to open a gym? You have probably selected the location and even have set your target audience in mind. But what about the equipment you will be using? Do you plan to buy them on your own or will you go for gym equipment leasing? We at gymwarehouse have come up with some great and cost-effective solutions for your equipment. To know the full details and services, visit our platform

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