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Our Bifold Doors are the perfect summer door!

If you are looking for a door that will flood your home with lots of natural light, make your interior space feel larger and more open, a Bifold Door is perfect for you! Giving you easy access to your garden, Bifold Doors can collect at one side of the frame or at either side, whichever is your preference to make your life that little bit easier. At Value Doors we have two ranges within our Bifo

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CONTACT GRILL Panini Weight: 26kg / 58 LBS Dimensions: Width:50cm /20 Inches Height:23cm / 9 Inches Depth: 40cm / 16 Inches with a sparker and gas shut off device in case when gas flame disappear New Notice: WE ARE SHIPPING ITEMS more than 20kg / 22.22 LBS TO UNITED KINGDOM AND EUROPE ONLY (on account of weight ) See more on: commercial-catering.com

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A Choice Of Colours To Complement Your Kitchen

The PVC wall panels we supply at CleanClad come in a choice of different colours to complement your kitchen decor. They have been developed to meet the stringent requirements for hygiene in the most demanding environments and are the perfect solution for commercial kitchens, laboratories, food storage areas and processing plants, hospitals, wet areas, and more. Furthermore, they are really easy to

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vidaXL Scythe with Grinding Stone 140 cm 90637 New

This ergonomic scythe is ideal for cutting grass and weeds to provide a tidy garden for you, and it is also great for cutting wheat, oats and barley etc.   With the length of 140 cm, the steel snath has two short wooden handles at right angles with one near the upper end and the other roughly in the middle. The 60 cm curved blade is made of durable steel for years of service.  

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vidaXL Outdoor Kitchen Barbecue Montana 4 Burners 40426 New

This professional outdoor gas barbecue can be compared to a small kitchen on wheels. This large barbecue is made of sturdy and durable stainless steel. This gas barbecue is equipped with 4 burners and a separate hob (side burner). Thanks to the large knobs it will be easy for you to infinitely adjust the burners. The sink and cabinets are also made of steel. This gas barbecue is mobile at all tim

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vidaXL Door Canopy 240x100 cm 141760 New

The exquisite door canopy will not only enhance the appearance of your property, but also protect your doorway or window from precipitation without blocking the light. It can be used in both residential and commercial applications. The high-quality hollow polycarbonate sheets are incredibly durable and weather and corrosion resistant. The solid construction with strong plastic brackets is highly

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vidaXL Wall Clock 30010 New

Beautiful two-sided wall clock in retro style. Stable and high quality craftsmanship. This wall clock consists of a safe stand so you can safely mount it to the wall. The wall clock is in the form of an American station clock with the authentic inscription: ‘GRAND CENTRAL TERMINAL NEW YORK’. The clock has dials on both sides with two timepieces, thanks to this you can set the clock in

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vidaXL White Roll Down Insect Screen for Windows 141569 New

This high-quality roll down insect screen for windows has a sturdy aluminium frame, and will be ideal for keeping out insects while let in some fresh air, without the need for poisonous sprays or harsh chemicals. Thanks to the high-density fiberglass mesh, even the smallest insects will have no chance of invading your home. Our roll down insect screen consists of a high-quality fine mesh and a du

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vidaXL Double Wheelie Bin Shed Poly Rattan Black 43100 New

This double wheelie bin shed is ideal for hiding your bins from view in the garden. The storage shed has individually lifting lids, which can be opened for easy access to the bins for depositing rubbish. It has two individually opening doors at the front so the bins can be easily removed and emptied. Made of high-quality PE rattan, this wheelie bin shed is very sturdy, durable, waterproof and ro

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vidaXL Rectangular Pool Cover 450 x 220 cm PE Blue 90677 New

This solar pool cover sits directly on the water surface, within the pool´s edges, and can raise the temperature of your pool water by up to 1°C, depending on the amount of direct sunshine. With PE air chambers all over its surface, it has excellent heat-retaining properties. It is the least expensive way to heat your swimming pool. At the same time, it helps reduce the use of chemicals

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