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Invenio Pro - Find Deep treasures visually

Invenio Pro - Find Deep treasures visually

Contact : Orient Detectors
Phone: 00905074410706
City: London
County: London
Country: United Kingdom
This ad has been posted on : 25/03/2020

Description: Invenio is the newest and all-new metal and gold detector that will revolutionize the world of precious metal detection and relics thanks to its new patented search technology.

The principle of this technology depends on a special search disk that scans the area to be searched with a special tracking sensor mounted on the disk arm in order to give the real shape of the buried target for example iron nail, box or coin ...

In recent years, significant progress has been made in the field of metal detector technology in terms of design and features, but these features have not been able to meet the expectations of treasure hunters and gold prospectors. For example, gold prospectors want the device to include features such as: Know the type of metal target discovered before digging, and know the depth of real goals, and know the shape of goals and dimensions accurately ... etc

Watch these videos for practical test of the device:

Orient Technology Group is pleased to announce the availability of this awesome device that will change your life.

INVENIO Pro is available now exclusively with special price and free shipping to all countries...

Just call us and order your device now…

Contact Details:

Mobile: 0090 507 441 0705

Whatsapp-Viber: 0090 507 441 0706

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