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Learn the skill of computer keyboard fast typing - TOUCH TYPING

Learn the skill of computer keyboard fast typing - TOUCH TYPING

Price: £25
Contact : Marc
Phone: 07765615404
County: London
Country: United Kingdom
This ad has been posted on : 28/06/2020

Description: Offered is an individual or group session computer keyboard touch typing tutoring.
When you learn how to touch type, you gain the valuable ability to type fast and without looking at your keyboard so you can keep your focus
on the screen and the tasks you are working on using muscle memory to find the keys instead, which boosts your overall performance significantly.
Touch typing courses are essential for anyone who works with computers on a regular basis.
My service is available to anyone and in any age. Anyone can pick-up this how valuable although not always recognised skill. 
All you need is how to, an essential will and the time sacrifice to practice occassionally and when typing especially to make the new "good" fingers habits.
You will have few lessons depends on your abilities and how quickly you will progress.
After few lessons you will be left and provided with programs, excercises and valuable knowledge and tips which
will lead you to know how in short time you will be able to self-develop and master your touch typing skills.
The training that I provide is only based on a standard "QWERTY" keybard and it covers all the keys
indlucing the sightless operation of function keys as well as the num pad etc.
I have the skill of touch typing at the speed of 90-100 wpm.
I am open minded, creative and spontaneous educated computer passionate and I guarantee a pleasant atmosphere of the training
leading you to a successful improvement of your computer keyboard using skills.
The further progress entirely lays in your hands and the more time you put up into it the better results you achieve!
I can teach you more such as the keyboard shortcuts, tricks, different fingering layouts reflecting variety of specific tasks and more.
A 1 hour session is £25 - you can decide how many you need. It can be done online (e.g: skype or facetime video call) 
or I am travelling to you or you are travelling to me. Alternatively we can go to a cafe and sit back and train on the laptop.
Feel free to contact me:
phone ~ whatsApp ~ text ~ email
07765 615404
For more services visit:

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Learn the skill of computer keyboard fast typing - TOUCH TYPING
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