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Marmosets Monkey, Food, Jelly,Gum,Cake,Primate Pellets.Rings

Marmosets Monkey, Food, Jelly,Gum,Cake,Primate Pellets.Rings

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Contact : Patrick or Christine
Phone: 07717012684
City: Nr Luton
County: Bedfordshire
Country: United Kingdom
This ad has been posted on : 11/07/2018

Description: Marmoset Jelly this product is a high protein high energy food designed to provide the majority of the daily nutrient requirements. It is of particular use in wasting marmoset syndrome. It is also especially produced for nursing and adolescent marmosets and similar new world primates. Also for primates that are ill or under stress may find it beneficial and palatable.

Marmoset Gum    A natural product from the African Acacia tree also contains natural sugar compounds along with a balanced quantity of vitamins and minerals. To be fed in small quantities as a supplement to the normal daily food intake, also this will display marmosets to their natural feeding behaviour as in the wild.

Marmoset\Tamarin Cake  This comes in powder form for which you add water to make a cake dough then  rolled out and then put into a container and left to set then cut up into small cubes to feed,. This may provide the major daily food intake. It is essential that fresh fruit and vegetables and live food is offered as well.

Essential Vitamin D3 Supplement This product is specialy manufactured  and produced for marmosets and other new world primates and is very beneficial for bone wasting syndrome, This comes in a liquid form with a glass dropper 100 ml bottle it is odourless and tasteless and it is put onto there food such as there fruit 1 drop twice a week and 1 drop every other day for small or juvenile monkeys.      If you want to purchase any of the above please contact Christine or Visit our Website, We also have marmosets for sale.
We are located in Bedfordshire UK 
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Marmosets Monkey, Food, Jelly,Gum,Cake,Primate Pellets.Rings
Marmoset monkey
Feeding Monkeys,Reptiles essential Oily & Powdered vitamin D3 Sup