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Moonstone Bracelet For A Passionate Love

Moonstone Bracelet For A Passionate Love

Price: £49
Contact : Boyana
Phone: +447384702246
City: London
Country: United Kingdom
This ad has been posted on : 16/11/2019

Description: Moonstone Bracelet For A Passionate Love

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Signature Pendant "Ä" Aura 925 Solid Silver Rose Gold Plated
Decorative Ornament  925 Solid Silver Rose Gold Plated 10mm-10 mm
Decorative Ornament  925 Solid Silver Rose Gold Plated 10mm-10 mm
White Crystal Pave Ball Silver Base Rose Gold Plated 8mm
Moonstone 8mm

Peach Moonstone
The Moonstone is highly valued because of its properties. According to legends, if you give it to your beloved when the moon is at its full stage, you will always be passionate about each other.

Abilities, significance, and symbolism: 
 - Bring good luck Assists in predicting the future; 
 - Enhances intuition Promotes motivation;
 - Bringing success in love as well as business matters;
 - It provides security on land and at sea.

This is Peach Moonstone, it serves the heart as it strengthens the brain, soothes fears and worries, and encourages the best in people. His caring power embraces the Good in all circumstances and provides intuitive and sensitive people with emotional support.             
Best suited to individuals with zodiac cancer.

Gold (Plated)

Gold is an all-function healer; stabilizes, purifies and balances; speaks of well-being and variety. It aids integrity and openness while building self-confidence when you look at the wearer. It may also help in beating fear and paralysis by permitting someone to maintain through harsh conditions. It evokes energy and can power and help overcome tendencies being depressive.



Like silver, silver symbolizes prosperity and a wide range. It raises the effectiveness of most stones while activating all of them for their prospects that is biggest. It is the material of thoughts, your head this is certainly psychic and of loving and curing.

All of the collection is built to purchase, please allow 3 to 5 times before delivery.
Our bracelets are handmade one by one, with a number this is certainly restricted of every each.

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