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Buy Lyre Harp 10 Strings Lacewood

Mideast 10 string Lyre Harp. It has a solid lacewood body that lends itself to the soft gentle curves of this and ten-string lyre. In short, there are ten metal strings which provide classical sound, and it is provoked by the solid spruce soundboard. like as, Soundboard and body are engraved with beautiful Celtic designs. In fact, It is as beautiful as an ornament that you can hang it up

bossey and hawkes trombone

immaculate bossey and hawks trombone for sale with all slides  in good working order.Excellent tone and no dents or scratches. comes with hard case

trumpet for sale

Trumpet in immaculate condition with all valves and slides fully working.A hard carrying case in excellent condition.

Cittren 9 String Walnuts -Mideast

Mid-east Mfg. Cittren 9 String Walnut (also cithren), is a plucked string instrument from the family of box necked lutes. It exists in a variety of designs, which is why the cistern is not regarded as a particular instrument, but rather an instrument family. The typical cittern still found in many museums is a form in which the neck becomes thicker toward the body, giving the body

string instruments for sale and string instruments in the UK

Welcome to the 5 Supplies Limited Musical instruments shop & Scottish clothing online your goal for the string instruments for sale and Scottish clothing apparatus select substance to enable you to get the sound you’re after. Our Musical instruments shop  offer free dispatching (on nearly everything) from the greatest online determination of melodic instruments and gear including gu

negligible United Kingdom» » berkshire

Buy Ebony Bombard With Reed 12.25-Inch

This ebony Bombard is 12.25 inches long, the bell is 3 inches in diameter, and it comes with a cane reed. The bombard is a small, double-reed instrument, similar to a soprano shawm in range but shorter in length. An ebony bombard in the key of Bb is slightly shorter than a soprano recorder in the key of C. These play in Bb with all the holes closed. Bombards are still used

€93.15 Pakistan» Punjab» Sialkot

Buy Cane Reed For Pipe Chanter

CANE REED – Replacement reed for the pipe chanter on the full size and half size bagpipes. Mideast makes this instrument with their full effort. All the effort they can do is just for satisfying their loving customers. To buy Cane Bass for pipe and musical instruments, visit

£16.67 Pakistan» Punjab» Sialkot

Buy Mediterranean Bagpipe Rosewood

Twin chanter rosewood Mediterranean bagpipe of Turkish, Greek or Arabic style with Rexine bag. The chanter has 2 shafts mounted on a flare-shaped bell, providing both the drone and the note. Each shaft has 5 finger holes and its own bridled reed. Not in a specific Key made to be pleasing unto itself.This rosewood Mediterranean bagpipe set has a Rexine bag. Rexine is a soft

Buy trinity harp 27 strings walnut

Our trinity harp 27 string features 27 hard nylon strings from Dupont 22 sharpening lever, 4 octaves, solid walnut body Oak wood soundboard engraved frame with beautiful Celtic design Stainless steel hardware The range of notes of this harp ranges from C3 to C7. Tuning key, extra string set and a padded bag are included in this Harp • 1 year warranty included • * If you are not complete

$657.38 Pakistan» Punjab» Sialkot


Royal Stewart Tartan cover with Ebony bagpipe Rexine bag, engraved ferrules and sole with imitation ivory mounts. Therefore This ebony bagpipe set has a Rexine bag. Rexine is a soft, synthetic, material designed to be airtight and to feel like high-quality suede. Moreover, the Rexine bag features a contoured goose neck for better airflow. Unlike the natural leather bag, the Rexine bag requires no

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