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Buy Ebony Uilleann Chanter With Keys

Uilleann Chanter, Ebony, with Keys (UILC) Includes 1 reed (ULRC). This chanter fits on our Uilleann Starter Set (UILS). It is a solid Indian ebony and has 3 brass keys. This product is available at a wholesale price To Buy Uilleann and musical instruments, visit

Buy Tenor Rebec Kit with case

Generally speaking, the Early Music Shop tenor rebec kit is an inexpensive 3 string instrument based on several historic patterns. In fact, The body is pre-carved from a single block of wood, with all other parts pre-machined for ease of assembly. usually, The kit is supplied packed in its own hard carrying case. Step by step instructions, drawings, a bow and a complete set of strings complete the

Buy Tunable Mulberry Bodhran Single Bar

Single removable bar. Bolt tuning is hidden on the inside of the frame. Goatskin, mulberry wood painted black, includes a tipper and a tuning wrench. This product is available at a wholesale price To Buy Mulberry Bodhran and musical instruments, visit

Buy Double Shelf Colonial Music Stand Red Cedar

Music Stand, Colonial design with a single tray and double shelf. This solid red cedar music stand has adjustable height and tilt. The approximate full height, floor to top, ranges from 51 to 66 inches shortest measurement is 42″. The height, from floor to the bottom of the tray adjusts from 31 to 46 inches. The music rack is 20 inches wide. The overall height of the rack is 17-inches, 

Buy Metal Doumbek With Synthetic Head 8x14 Inch

Metal Doumbek by Mid-East, 8″x 14″ with Synthetic Head. Nickeled brass body with a standard synthetic head. Embossed with floral patterns. Tunable with bolts. It comes with a clear or opaque synthetic head. Includes tuning wrench. Other styles of head sold separately. This product is available at a wholesale price To Buy Metal Doumbek and musical instruments, visit www

Alto Saxaphone Mint Condition

Alto Saxaphone in Mint Condition, fully serviced 12th February 2020, invoice supplied, great tone, would suit beginner or itermediate player, purchased new Saxaphone hence for sale. Hard carry case.Collection or buyer to send paid carrier, valued around £450

Buy Rope Tuned Tupan Drum 26 Inch

Tupan Drum, 26″, Rope Tuned Two large natural skin heads stretched over a light-weight plywood body, gives this 8-pound tupan a deep booming voice. On this version of the drum, there is no shoulder strap provided. The edges of the heads are rolled and tucked around wooden hoops, and then attached to the frame by cording stitched back and forth from head to head. The drum can be tuned by adju

Buy Curved Leather Beater

Replacement beater. Beaters are made from natural materials that can vary in length from 11-15 inches. Average 13 inches long. The head of this mallet is approximately 1.5 inches deep and 2″ in diameter. This product is available at a wholesale price To Buy Leather Beaters and musical instruments, visit

Buy Goatskin With Hair 36 Inch Medium

A flat round piece of goatskin with hair. Thin = approximately 0.01 of an inch or 3-4 sheets of printer paper Medium = approximately 0.015 of an inch or 4-5 sheets of printer paper Thick = approximately 0.02 of an inch or 5-6 sheets of printer paper All skins sold “AS IS”. We do our best to eliminate skins that have possible defects; however, our prices are based on an “as

Buy Harp Tuning Key Small

Replacement of Harp Tuning tool, small. This tool can tune and restring your harp and fits the smallest of the Mid-East Harps, including the Lily Harp, the Mid-East Lyre Harp and the smaller specialty harps such as the Mid-East Lyre Harp, 8 String. This product is available at a wholesale price To Buy Harp Tuning Key and musical instruments, visit www.mid-east.

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