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Love song lyrics entitled: Galina. Written by Stevenski Fowlensk.

Love song lyrics entitled: Galina. (Written by Stevenski Fowlenski). A heart felt love song about my Ukrainian girlfriend Galina. I'm looking for the right band, singer or record producer to collaborate with me, to add music, vocals and video to bring this song to life. I also have other song lyrics available for music collaborators, they can be viewed on my Instagram page, my username is stev

Personalised Dog Walks and Pet Visits

Need a dog walker or someone to visit your pet while out? Want someone you can trust to treat your pet as well as you do? Your pet should be treated like the unique individual they are. For this reason, solo dog walks are standard so your dog has my full, undivided attention. I like to get to know your pet from the people who know them best, you, so they can get the most out of their time with me.

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