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Outstanding Art Gallery

  Aptly named ‘Outstanding Art’, the gallery will showcase the works of several world class artists and their original works. Free to enter, these exhibits are to be curated each month with selected artists from across the globe. A wonderful opportunity to display their work and to establish a further collectors base in the north of England. An ideal opportunity to add to or sta

Mr handyman services

Your time is valuable. Spending it doing daily Hassel's just gets in the way of you doing what makes you happy or that which is important. My services cover ALL of the daily chores, I get them done and at a professional standard. Whether it's simply walking your dog while your at work or cleaning your home, cleaning your car and checking the tyres and oil levels....painting a stained wall....sandi

Blissful Health Care OPEN DAY

The day will be a great opportunity for you to meet with some of our team, learn more about us, the job opportunities we have and how we can support your career. Our friendly teams can tell you more about jobs in your area and answer all your questions. Find out about the different aspects of the care worker role, about the comprehensive training we provide and how we can support your profess

Buy Velvet Cremation Bags And Urn Pouch For Sale

For a long time, people have been looking for ways to care and protect for their keepsakes and urns carrying off the last cremated remains of their deceased. This is the reason that one can buy velvet cremation bags and urn pouch for sale. This stunning cremation accessory is not just affordable and is available at easy rates, it proves to be an ideal solution for those who want a visibly ico

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