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8 marla, 4 stories commercial plaza with 9 marla plot

Lahore , Price: 27500000 brand new 8 MARLA PLAZA WITH 9 MARLA PLOT FOR SALE Gosha E ahbab phasee 3, NEAR Multan road, Lahore Ground floor= 2 big halls, with kitchen and attached bath 1st floor = 2 flats= 2 bed attach bath, TVL, store, kitchen, washing area terrace,with garage 2nd floor= 2 flats =2 bed attach bath, TVL, store, kitchen, washing area terrace,with garage 3rd floor

£27500000 Pakistan» Pakistan» Lahore

Pakistan based Professional Freelance Web Developer & Designer

Pakistan based Professional Freelance Web Developer & Designer - New York, New York, Pakistan Great and professional look at affordable prices  Get in touch and get a free no obligation quote  Web design and development done quickly and to a very high standard and functionality. SEO, database, Marketing, Social media, Logos, Apps, domains and hosting all in one place.  From simp

Cittren 9 String Walnuts -Mideast

Mid-east Mfg. Cittren 9 String Walnut (also cithren), is a plucked string instrument from the family of box necked lutes. It exists in a variety of designs, which is why the cistern is not regarded as a particular instrument, but rather an instrument family. The typical cittern still found in many museums is a form in which the neck becomes thicker toward the body, giving the body

Buy Mediterranean Bagpipe Rosewood

Twin chanter rosewood Mediterranean bagpipe of Turkish, Greek or Arabic style with Rexine bag. The chanter has 2 shafts mounted on a flare-shaped bell, providing both the drone and the note. Each shaft has 5 finger holes and its own bridled reed. Not in a specific Key made to be pleasing unto itself.This rosewood Mediterranean bagpipe set has a Rexine bag. Rexine is a soft

Buy Hammered Dulcimer Rosewood

The Hammered Dulcimer has a beautiful, rich, full sound and has been used throughout the world for many centuries, originating in the Middle East. The name originates from the Latin word dulcis and the Greek word melos, which translates to “Sweet Tune.” Accessories Included: One pair of two-sided dulcimer hammers that have a leather pad on one side to create a sof

Buy Music Stand Red Cerdar

This solid red cedar music stand has a double-sided rack for two musicians. It has adjustable height and tilt and is designed by The Early Music Shop of Bradford England.  Each music rack adjusts independently to a number of notched positions. Approximate measurements are as follows: Height adjusts from 35 inches minimum to 53 inches max from floor to shelf and  46 inches to 65


This is stylishly designed in solid Rosewood with a spruce soundboard. The simple straight lines of the pillar and softly curving lines of the arm are joined by the hand-carved scroll. The carving of the 8 string Parisian harp is very organic giving the appearance of a fiddle headed fern. Moreover, the effect is a strong bold design and a soft outline. The harp stands approximately 16.5 inches tal


• Strings: 2-Melody, 1-Middle & 1-Base • Less Than 2 lb. Take it Anywhere • Rosewood Fingerboard with 6 1/2 & 13 1/2 Fret • Spruce Soundboard, Cream Colored, Straight Grained • Rosewood Body and Mahogany Neck • 3 Sound Holes with Interlocking Rings To buy Dulcimer Banjo and musical instruments, visit


Designed by The Early Music Shop of Bradford England. This cylindrical drum has two heads, one with a snare. When the drum head is struck with the drum sticks, the snare adds a vibration, or rattle, to the drum’s din. The Renaissance style drums have a tension rim holding the skin head, and the snare is on the bottom head. This style of drum is a traditional military drum with a long history

Get Quality FUE Hair Transplant, Islamabad

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