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Reptiles Vitamin D3

Reptiles Vitamin D3

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County: Bedfordshire
Country: United Kingdom
This ad has been posted on : 02/12/2019

Description: Feeding  Reptiles & Primates with Essential Powder & Oily vitamin D3 Supplements.
Marmosets New World Monkeys: Adults can be given 2ml spoonful of Woodstocks D3 Powder twice a week sprinkled over a piece of fruit. Smaller monkeys and juveniles can be given one spoonful a week in the same way. Alternatively 2 drops of the Oily Vitamin D3 can be added to piece of fruit each day for an adult, or every other day for a juvenile.

Vitamin E Supplements:

The amount of vitamin E supplement will depend on the size of the monkey and the nature of its diet Small squirrel monkeys, tamarins or juvenile marmosets can be given a 2ml spoonful of Vitamin D+E Powder each week, mixed the same way as the vitamin D supplements above.Larger or pregnant monkeys should be given up to a 2ml spoonful a day or 4 drops of the oily supplement, mixed with the feed. Vitamin D3+E Supplements:
While vitamin D is essential for all New World Monkeys in captivity, vitamin E can be supplied in combination, using D3+ E

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