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Tales of a Welsh Rarebit

Tales of a Welsh Rarebit

Price: £6.50
Contact : The Pettifor Trust
Phone: 01792 281138
City: Swansea
County: Swansea
Country: United Kingdom
This ad has been posted on : 15/08/2019

Description: The Fluellen Theatre Company have adapted this hilariously funny production from the book An Expert in My Field by Marianne Pettifor. The play is about a successful business woman Elizabeth. She loves animals and is kind to children. But that`s as normal as it gets. Her life goes from one crisis to another. And mother is always there to advise - not always for the best. A very funny new comedy from Marianne Pettifor. Her delightful anecdotal portrayal of a dysfunctional but devoted family is an epochal tale of how she created order out of the chaos of her childhood.

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