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Tremco Illbruck Compriband: Timbermax TP450

Tremco Illbruck Compriband: Timbermax TP450

Price: £11.12
Contact : Dortech Direct Ltd
Phone: 01484 411357
City: Huddersfield
County: West Yorkshire
Country: United Kingdom
Web: https://www.dortechdirect.co.uk/tremco-illbruck-compriband-timbermax-tp450.html
This ad has been posted on : 12/06/2018

Description: Find tremco illbruck high performance products and solutions at Dortech Direct. Tremco Illbruck Compriband: Timbermax TP450 is a soft and flexible expanding sealing tap which is designed for use in a wide variety of movement joints like window perimeter seals and other applications. It provides weather tight against most severe combination of wind and rain and always fulfill your expectation as an external weather seal in building and civil engineering applications. All our products are extensively tried and tested. Contact us today (01484 411357) if you need more details about any of our products.

Available at: https://www.dortechdirect.co.uk/tremco-illbruck-compriband-timbermax-tp450.html

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Tremco Illbruck Compriband: Timbermax TP450