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Virtual Help Desk Assistants for only $5 per hour.

Virtual Help Desk Assistants for only $5 per hour.

Price: £5
Contact : ben stanford
Phone: 01918276877
City: Bolton
County: London
Country: United Kingdom
This ad has been posted on : 11/09/2019

Description: Great customer service is essential for all businesses of all sizes. Whilst the sole trader is able to attend to his/her customers personally, as a business gets larger it gets harder and expensive to maintain great customer service.

To reduce all these hassle, Staff India, the leading outsourcing company has introduced the best Virtual Help Desk service to its clients. Our Help Desk outsourcing solution is an excellent cost-effective solution for businesses for all sizes. You essentially hire virtual employees on a monthly salary of only $5 per hour, and that is the net cost to you.

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Or Call On:

US: +1 646 564 5692

UK: +44 203 7692264 

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