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Web Application Developer - looking for internship.

Web Application Developer - looking for internship.

Price: LS12 1HX
Contact : Tomasz Drabik
Phone: 07412949525
City: Leeds
County: United Kingdom
Country: United Kingdom
This ad has been posted on : 11/07/2018

Description: ABOUT ME: I'm a programmer by passion and have been one since I can remember. I used to work for big company but those days are over therefore I'm looking for a new and fulfilling career elswhere. I believe in the world where nature is in the first place of everyone's hearts and supported by modern technology. Currently without any distractions I'm focusing solely on broadening my skills.
SKILLS: Excellent and up to date knowledge of Laravel Framework, MySql, Mssql, Bootsrap, Jquery, Ajax, CSS3, HTML5, SVN and more. This is only a list of my favorites!
SOFTWARE: For customized and demanding apps/www I operate fully licensed PhpStorm and Database Design (PhpMyAdmin / MySql Workbench / HeidiSQL). For quick and low budget CMS webs: Joomla and Word Press.
EXPERIENCE: Mainly I create websites from scratch for new companies, organizations or bloggers. I love to support new ideas! Remember that we both benefit from each project as long as you keep your website running! Meaning I have live/online proof of job well done and customer's satisfaction. You on the other hand get my guidance and recommendations. I'm always happy to get involved in the improvement of already existing webs by backing up, bug tracking or designing a database.
EXPECTATIONS: I dream to become what you call these days a cybernomad, live off-grid as much as I can and change world's view with my friends on our way (project aktyWniUK since 2012). Currently apart from existing small projects to generate some cash for my further education I'm looking for a remote/mobile job which will provide financial stabilization and help me reach my goal.

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