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Fabulous Bird houses/ bird table

Handmade in high quality timber, impregnated, protected from weather. Decorative bird houses will help attract a range of garden bird species . It allows them to feed safely away from predators such as cats and dogs. Roof design for protection against sun and rain. Bird house has a box for grain, filled from the top Available in different roof tiles colour. Parcel delivery withi

Deal with Bird Netting Control Measures at Total Bird Control

Throughout the UK, bird proofing problems are increasing in the urban regions. To overcome this issue, bird netting control measures are effective in domestic yards and office buildings. Bird netting is carried out with the least effort to prevent the place from unwanted droppings, unhealthy risks and damages to the crops and yards. Get to know more about bird control services in det

Happy Bird Flying Adventure Download and enjoy the new game Happy Bird Flying Adventure. This is challenging game with HD graphics and beautiful backgrounds music. Fly your Happy bird through the Tree and other obstacles and avoid to touch with these and make scores to unlock the higher levels. FEATURES 1: Easy to play a

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Over recent years we have increasingly undertaken Pigeon control in Kent, and throughout the surrounding areas. These urban bird populations pose health risks to humans and livestock, transport Insects and mites, cause damage to structures/stored products and create significant fouling.

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Durable Anti-Bird Netting for Garden in the UK

Anti-Bird Netting for Garden helps you to protect your sensitive plants from getting damaged by birds. Currently, LittleFieldsFarm UK is offering a 5% discount on all bird netting for garden. Please visit to know more.  

bird boxes

bird boxes for sale buyer must collect

Looking to home a special bird

Hi , I'm looking to offer a home to birds with special requirements . I have many years experience with birds that require more care then most and have also helped birds who pluck . If you think I can help you please email me . I'm offering a forever home . Thanks.

Marmoset-Bird Large Aluminium Aviary For Sale

A Large luminium Aviary as shown in photo, suitable for Birds/Primats etc  with 1/2 inch strong mesh and with an additinal  safety doors as seen in photos, this only 2 years old . Must go by 23rd november or it will have to stay untill Febuary, There is other sheds/houseing for sale, please call me on 07717012684 or visit our website that is  t

Bird Netting Uk

Bird Netting Uk - Flitton Hill , Flitton, , United Kingdom In our desire to earn highest regards in pigeon netting system, we strive to provide a wide range of pigeon pest control, pigeon netting suppliers to our valued client. Find out our website and make your preferred choice of option. PLEASE VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR MORE DETAIL : Click on the buttons below to s

Free Cavity wall insulation, Free Boilers, Free loft insulation

Under the ECO grant scheme which is funded by the government, we are peased to offer landlords, tenants, housing associations, estate agents and councils, the chance to take advantage of free energy saving measures. The Energy Companies Obligation is 100% free to all on benefits and even working tax credits. To find out if you qualify, please call me on 074 816 222 71. Free EPC certificates can b

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